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The driSuit endurance - the industry's only FULLY FUNCTIONING water proof iPhone case.  Good FIVE meters deep (16.5 feet), includes INTEGRATED headphone jack and easy to use bottom latch system for safety and security.  Use with wet hands and fingers, with wet screen above or below the surface of the water.  Listen to music while snorkeling, take a photo of that lunker / exotic fish immediately then back to your music and over to your text messages and emails, all while under the surface of the water!

The driSuit guardian - YOUR EVERYDAY AND EVERY MINUTE PROTECTIVE CASE for any weather condition.  Also good five meters deep, also with fully integrated headphone jack and easy to use bottom latch system for safety and security.  Single screen technology for INCREDIBLE responsiveness and enhanced audio quality, the guardian will protect you and your iPhone investment completely.

Whichever model is right for you, here at driSuit, we've got you covered!!

Protect your new iPhone 5S

Ultimate Protection for Everyday Use!!

Protect your iPhone 5

endurance 4 case Midnight Black
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endurance 4 case Midnight Black


The driSuit endurance:

Full use of your iPhone 4 or 4S without risk of water damage or impace while outdoors, whether at the beach, on a ski lift, riding a wave, a bike or simply out in the rain. Use any and all applications below the water surface as you would above the water surface. Including an integrated waterproof headphone jack - no extra pieces to buy, lose, screw in or hang on to. Transform your iPhone in to an underwater camera and video camera and a fully protected iPod to listen to tunes while wakeboarding, surfing, snorkeling, on the subway or during any activity at all.

Fluidic Touchscreen Membrane:

This membrane contains a non-toxic liquid that allows for all functions and applications above or below the surface of the water.

Credit Card Compartment:

The driSuit endurance is designed to hold your iPhone® 4 and has room for 1 credit card inside the back panel.

Dimensions: Length 5.2", Width 2.8", Depth 0.79"

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